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Client: Uber
Roles: CW/AD



Family time is great, until your mom criticizes your outfit, and your grandma asks you why you’re still single. This year, you can plan your Thanksgiving escape in advance with the Uber Reserve getaway car.

This branded entertainment campaign launched with a longform cinema spot to intercept people where they’re already escaping Thanksgiving: the movies.

One Show Shortlist
Featured in Adweek and AdAge

Copywriter: Laura Schear
Art Director:
Claire Golladay
Art Director: Anna Cevallos
Copywriter: Paula Gete-Alonso
CCO: Julia Neumann
GCD: Zoe Kessler
CD: Jim Robbins
Creative Lead: Margorie Vardo
Design Lead: Charles Watlington
Designer: Isobel Connelley
Designer: Sarah Fitzgerald